Five years ago the images of burning tires and over a million people battling with police officers and government troops graced the front pages of every newspaper and new channel. It was, for many, the first European revolution a generation got to witness in real time, and for Ukrainians it was a moment where the country United to have their voices heard and take their future in their own hands. This was the now infamous Maidan Revolution of 2014, and in the end, the Ukrainian people succeeded in ousting a leader they deemed as authoritative and corrupt. Shortly after war erupted, and the world watched and held its breath as the war boiled over.

It’s been five years now, and the war now ‘smolders’ in the east. In the half decade of fighting 13,000 are proclaimed to be dead though anyone on the ground will assure you the real number of dead is far higher. Media coverage of the conflict is non-existent aside from the bigger picture and the key players such as Putin and Poroshenko. Civilians go about their normal life as best they can as gunfire and shelling boom throughout the region, and soldiers wait impatiently along an unmoving frontline, living day to day with sniper fire and artillery barrages.

For now there is no end in sight for those involved in the war and who call eastern Ukraine their home. But a new president has taken the reigns of the country and many wait with bated breath to see what the future holds.